Change Samsung’s or HTC’s Keyboard to Stock Android

Are you sick of the laggy keyboard on your HTC or Samsung mobile phone or tablet? Do you want to change your devices keyboard to the super fast stock android one? Replace HTC Sense or Samsung's bloated keyboard with the instructions below.First head over to the Play Store and search for Google … [Read more...]

Setup Tor Browser and Surf Anonymously

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick to death of Government agencies such as the NSA spying on your browsing habits. Not only that, the large corporations are also tracking and profiting from your online profile.Several governments have also started forcing ISP’s to block access to certain … [Read more...]

How To Securely Wipe Your Hard Drive

If you are selling, recycling or giving away an old PC, you need to make sure you securely erase the hard drive first.Your old computer probably has sensitive data like bank and email details or other personal files such as documents, family photos and videos that you wouldn't want falling into … [Read more...]

Remote Desktop Access Using a Dynamic DNS Service

Most home and office computers usually connect to the internet via a dynamic internet connection. While this is fine for everyday use like checking your email or surfing the web, it’s not so good if you need to remotely connect to your PC from another location as the IP address will change on a … [Read more...]

Installing XBMC On A Raspberry Pi

A few months ago, I did a general XBMC setup guide and covering the basics like installing plugings, repositories and setting up shortcuts.Today however, I will be showing you how to set up XBMC on your Raspberry Pi. What You will NeedRaspberry Pi Model B 2GB or greater SD Card … [Read more...]

Top 5 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Recently, Google’s official Webmaster Central Blog has released more information about an algorithmic change that will affect the results of mobile search.The change will favor websites that are mobile ready. This is yet another reason for you to pull your finger out and making your website … [Read more...]

How I Got My Website Unblocked by Facebook

A few months ago I bought a new (but dropped) domain name. After spending a few hours installing WordPress and writing some new posts, I thought I'd share my new website with some friends on Facebook. This is what I was greeted with!I was using the AddThis sharing service so thought it may … [Read more...]

Easy Kodi (XBMC) Setup Guide

Kodi (XBMC) has been around for awhile now starting life out as XBMC on the original Xbox in 2003. The name XBMC comes from the acronym of its original name - Xbox Media Center.It comes in several flavors including Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and more recently for the Raspberry Pi. You … [Read more...]

Using Your Android Smartphone as a Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

You’re out and about with your laptop and in desperate need of an internet connection but there isn’t a Starbucks for miles! You need to send that email your boss wants, so what options do you have in such an emergency?Well luckily for you, your Android powered smartphone comes to the rescue. … [Read more...]

Start Firefox In Private Browsing Mode By Default

Firefox’s private browsing mode is great for surfing the internet without leaving any history of your travels.This is great if you share a computer and don’t want everyone else knowing your online business. Just a quick word of warning.Private browsing does not make you anonymous online. It … [Read more...]